This week we look at another plant that is poisonous to horses. Datura stramonium and Datura ferox. They occur throughout South Africa and are considered a weed. Horses are extremely susceptible to poisoning from Datura. The main symptom of poisoning from this plant is severe colic. Ingestion of the leaves or seeds of Datura causes the intestines to stop contracting, causing impaction colic. The tiny black seeds are the most toxic part of the plant, but the leaves are very poisonous too in the wet or dried forms. The dried plants often contaminate bales of hay, so be sure to check your hay before feeding and remove any strange plants that may have got baled with the grass. Do you still remember all the signs of colic? We will dedicate a discussion to colic signs soon.

Horsey greetings.

Dr Marleece.
Parys Animal Hospital.