Keep in mind that we are working with animals thus training is conducted at your own risk. Every owner is responsible for his/her own dog and the school will take no responsibility for injuries or damage to property.

No puppy will be allowed on the premises without an up-to-date Vaccination certificate (puppies must have had their 2nd vaccination by a Veterinarian a week before coming to class). Also make sure that your dog is dewormed and treated for ticks and fleas.

Please inform the Instructor of any medical/physical limitation of yourself or your dog on the registration form or if your puppy has suffered any illness during the preceding week.

Dogs must at all times be on a soft flat collar & leash unless otherwise instructed (no choke chains are allowed).

No equipment may be used without supervision by your Instructor. This is to prevent injuries to your dog when the equipment is not utilized correctly.

Bring your dog’s toys. Always bring along small “soft yummy dog treats” to assist in your puppy’s learning. This should be highly palatable and easy to digest, i.e. his/her dry dog food, small broken-up dog biscuit, etc.

Ensure that you bring a hat & sunscreen as part of the class we will be working in the sun. Wear comfortable clothes & shoes as some of the class work is conducted on the ground. There will be class when it rains, we have an underroof facility.

Fresh water will be available at all times – water bowls will be available.

Main Aim : You and your dog to have FUN!

Remember, developing you and your dog’s relationship will take commitment – and a good sense of humour