Animal Minds Training Syllabus

The professional Animal Minds training team promotes positive techniques and innovative solutions for your dog’s training. With our solid understanding of canine behaviour, the Instructor and assistant trainers at Animal Minds can help you to interpret your dog’s behaviours and body language.  We will teach you how to reinforce the good behaviours, eliminate the unwanted behaviours and be a true leader, teacher and trainer to your dog.

The address where training will be conducted as follows:


Parys Animal Hospital

Allenby Street 49



Following is a quick guide to give you an idea of what will be covered.

Puppy Socialisation Course:

Classes presented on a Tuesday usually from 8am-9am, times may vary in the winter seasons but will be confirmed with owners.

(Age between 10 – 16 weeks)

Focus Behaviours:

Sit Leave
Down (From sit and stand) Recall
Stay Calm approach
At your side Obstacles
Stand Play & Mental Stimulation
Loose leash walking Comfort position
Supervised free play Retrieve
Bite inhibition “Watch me”

You will need:

  • Soft flat collar and leash
  • Dog toys
  • Dog treats
  • Up to date vaccination (pups must have their 2nd vaccination in order to attend class)
  • Completed registration form

The syllabus for the Puppy Socialisation Course was developed with your puppy’s best developmental advantage in mind. The Course should be done within the mentioned age as certain stages of the dog’s behaviour will depend on exposures and how the owner handle any “problem” behaviours.  If your dog is a few weeks older than 16 weeks, please contact us to determine how we can assist you.

Apart from starting with basic obedience in every class, the Pups are exposed to different people, other dogs (same age), textures, sounds and lots more. This is all done under strict supervision by the qualified Instructor and assistants.  It will give your pup the best chance to work through situations without becoming scared or reactive.

The Puppy Socialisation Course consist of 6 classes of 1 hour each, once per week and all classes should be attended to receive the full benefit of having a well-balanced adult dog.

And many more…