Today we have a look at Sarcoids.

These are the most common type of tumour and can appear anywhere on the body. They also vary in appearance. Some are flat and hairless. Some are raised and look like warts. They are caused by a virus that can be transmitted by insects, by direct contact and possibly even through the air. Sarcoids can be notoriously difficult to treat! And there is no standard treatment for all of them because they vary so much in size and location and appearance. In some cases it is easy enough to cut them out, but they often regrow if you just cut them out. A treatment that seems to be more effective is a combination of cutting it out and injecting chemotherapy into the sarcoid. In some cases we need to make the sarcoid smaller before we can start cutting it etc. And it is always better to TRY and treat them while they are smaller than when they have become very large. In some cases we advise that we rather do nothing depending on where the sarcoid is and how big it is. Unfortunately there is álways a chance for regrowth no matter what type of treatment we decide on. So. If your horse has a bothersome sarcoid, let us have a look and come up with a treatment plan.  Have a lóvely weekend with your horses.

Dr. Marleece

Parys Dierehospitaal