Hi everyone!

Horse emergencies are part of being a horse owner, it is bound to happen at some stage! And when it does happen, it is never fun running around trying to find what you need and, trust me, they often happen when it is dark!!! So I have put together a list of what I think any horse owner or stable yard should have in their horse first aid box. Make a box dedicated for horse first aid, find a good place for it to live where you can get to it quickly and easily, mark it clearly, make sure everyone knows where it is and make sure you check and restock it on a regular basis. Having it with you when you travel is always a good idea too. Many times you just need to stop bleeding till a vet can get to you. Sometimes your kit can help you give the Vet useful information about the situation before he/she arrives. In some cases the contents of your box will help you treat some minor wounds on your own. You can get all the listed items from us at the clinic. Some of the items like the bandages and latex gloves you can get from Dischem. Printing the list and pasting it in the lid of the box helps you to keep stock. Obviously you can add whatever you feel you still need, but this is the basic box.

  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscope (Dischem has cheap enough ones)
  • Head lamp / torch
  • Scissors
  • Disinfectant soap
  • Gauze swabs 1 pack
  • Crepe bandages x5 (100mm/150mm)
  • Elastoplast x2 (100mm)
  • Newborn disposable diapers (They make GREAT hoof bandages and poultices)
  • Wound spray. Something that keeps flies away is a bonus.
  • Wound gel…we have a GREAT new product available!!!
  • Antiseptic ointment. I use Acrisulph and Acriflavine glycerine a lot.
  • A couple of Previcox 57mg tablets. ONE tablet a day for pain from a wound or a bruise. Stick it in a piece of apple.

VERY IMPORTANT》 Write your vet’s emergency telephone number inside the lid of your box so it is easy to call when you need help. Having it at hand where everyone knows where to find it is a great help when there isa bit of panic going on.

I hope this helps! We get called out to emergencies very often where a first aid kit would have helped the owner cope a lot better while we are on our way. We will dedicate a few articles to explaining in short how to deal with some very common emergencies.

Have a lovely weekend with your horses.

Dr Marleece
Parys Dierehospitaal