About us

Our facility offers the following small animals services:

  • Consulting rooms
  • Overnight kennel for patients
  • Fully computerized patient records
  • Operating theatre with gas anaesthetic and patient monitor
  • Fully digitalized x ray facility
  • Two ultrasound machines
  • In-house and send away laboratory facilities.
  • Dedicated staff member responsible for patient care.
  • Endoscopy
  • Pet food and accessories
  • Hills pet slimmers
  • Hills puppy classes

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Our facility offers the following large animal services:

  • Farm calls
  • Treatment of sick animals
  • Pregnancy testing of cattle and horses
  • Ultrasound examination for cattle, horses, goats and sheep
  • Bull testing
  • Horse castration
  • X Rays of horses
  • Vaccination programme for cattle, sheep and goats
  • Synchronised breeding of cattle
  • Herd management advise
  • Post mortems

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Our facility is also linked to our Vetshop in town that will supply all the pet foods and accessories you may need.

Please contact our offices on 056 811 2114.  For any queries or bookings, and on 082 492 3116 for any emergencies (surcharges applicable)

There is also a grooming parlour Fluffy Dogs adjoining the practise.